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Brentwood Essex waterproofing & resurfacing of the balcony


This was a project where the existing application on the balcony had ripped off and cracked due to wear and tear. The client was happy for us to use the Widopan products in order to waterproof and resurface the balcony area.

Here is the prepared area where we used the primer and kiln dry sand.


This is the stage where we have applied the FD Widopan resin and the reinforcement fleece, prior to applying the walk resistant surface products.


Widopan fully reinforced and highly flexible waterproof membranes provide a strong and secure seal, whilst Widopan hard wearing, highly trafficable top coat system provides a durable finish that is slip resistant.

• Fully Reinforced Waterproofing
• Cold Applied System – no heat required
• Low layer thickness – Eliminates Threshold issues
• Fully Flexible System
• Self-levelling Layer – Eliminates unevenness and imperfections
• Rapid Curing – Full renovation in one day
• Multitude of decorative surfacing options

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