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Esher, Waterproofing the Roof housing


This was a challenging project, we had to work on a very limited space area to waterproof the roof housing of this office block in Esher. As you can see on the photo, the existing repairs have’t done much to solve the waterproofing problems on this buliding.


It took us some time to apply the FD Widopan products on this limited space area, but the end result was rewarding.


The roof housing are now water tight, thanks to the flexibility of these Widopan roofing products.

WIDOPAN liquid waterproofing systems have proven to be the perfect solution to these problems. 

Simple and quick waterproofing of all detail work and connections, regardless of how complex, is achieved with our flexible, selfterminating products, combined with the reinforcement of our polyester fleece. 
Adhesion to practically all materials is possible, and the creation of a seamless, monolithic waterproof membrane ensures no weak points at the detail connections.

• Upstands, Pipe Penetrations
• Gutters, Junctions
• Parapets, Rainwater Outlets
• Skylights & Roof Lanterns
• Lightning Conductors, Mansafe Systems
• Railings and Handrail & Expansion Joints

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